Книги относно въздушното оръжие.


Попаднах преди време на това, мисля че може да е интересно на някого

I have listed below some of the air gun books I have collected over the years.
For those of you who have just begun collecting air guns these may be of assistance in your quest for more information.
I cannot price these books, as they obviously will vary from different sources!
These listed are not for sale but any doubles that come my way I will put up on the forum.
I will no doubt have missed some out that I have not yet come across, please let me know if you have such a book so the list can be updated.
These are not necessarily Originals some are reprints!
1. (reprint) “The Complete Air Gunner” by R.B. Townshend, M,A .” originally printed in 1907. (Wonderful boys own stuff, shows a picture of a B.S.A. military air rifle price 80/- about 4 pounds Sterling now?)
2. “The Construction and Operation of the Air Gun, Vol 1. The Austrian Army Repeating Air rifle” by G. Baker and C. Baker. ( If you need to know ANYTHING about this particular rifle then this is the Book (ring binder ) for you! Every detail has been noted! Working drawings, pictures! Excellent piece of work ( I believe to be currently being updated?)
3. (New) “The Construction and Operation of the Air gun, Vol 2 The walking stick Air Gun” by G. Baker and C. Baker. ( If you need to know ANYTHING about Air canes this is the Book (ring binder ) for you! Every detail has been noted! Working drawings, pictures the lot! Another Excellent piece of work. )
4. “All about AIRGUNS “ by Robert J Traister Printed in 1981. (Very good book cover’s just about everything in the air gun shooting world)
5. “AIR GUNS AND AIR PISTOLS” By L.Wesley. First edition 1955. (If you’re a Vintage air gun nut, then it’s more or less obligatory to own a copy of this book).
6. (NEW ) “Luftvapen” by Kenth Friberg Printed in 2001.
I believe from Sweden, Apologies to Kenth if I have it wrong?
Therefore it’s Swedish, cannot understand any of it but it’s full of very interesting Photo’s mainly after the 1960’s air/C02 Pistols and rifles.
7. “AIRGUNS and other Pneumatic arms” by ARNE HOFF, first printed in 1972. ( This book is for those of you who are really into the very early history of Air guns)
6. (NEW) “Blue Book of Airguns” by Dennis Adler. Printed 2001. ( General all rounder, has pictures of some real rare items, a “Brown” for example)
7. “AIR GUN DIGEST” by Robert Beeman. Not sure when this was printed! ( This one should be on top of your hit list. Packed full of literature and photo’s !)
8. “AIR GUN DIGEST 2 & 3 “ by J. I . Galan. ( Basically updated versions of the Original still very worthwhile getting for reference purposes.)
9. “AIR RIFLES” by Dennis Hiller ( four additions so far? Contains a vast number of pictures of air rifles mainly European, along with detailed descriptions and a rough price guide? )
10. “AIR PISTOLS “ by Dennis Hiller ( Packed with Photo’s and information regarding Mainly European air pistols, along with detailed descriptions and a rough price guide”
11. “GAS AIR & SPRING GUNS of the world” by W.H.B. SMITH 1957. ( Another must have book, as stated in the book over 350 Photo’s and 140 Operational drawings. This book I might add does seem to command very high prices?)
12. “QUACKENBUSH GUNS” by John Groenewold Printed in 2000. (Every thing you need to know about Quackenbush air and rim fire guns.) (Brilliant book )
13. “The Air gun Book” by John Walter printed in 1987. ( for additions) ( General all purpose air gunner book, covering most aspects.)
14. “B.S.A and Lincoln Jeffries air rifles” by John Knibbs first edition 1986. (Excellent book covering early British air rifles)
15. “AIR GUNS “ by Eldon G. Wolff 1958 ( Another excellent book covering the history of very early air guns, butt reservoirs, Ball reservoirs, air canes etc.)
16. “The American BB gun “ by Arni T. Dunathan. 1997 reprint . (Covers the history of most American BB rifles and how they work)
17. As Dennis. T. Fletcher has been very busy producing numerous books covering mainly Crosman and Benjamin books he has got his own little section!
So Far we have seen.
“75 Years Of Crosman Airguns.”
“The St Louis & Benjamin air rifle Co’s”
“The Crosman Arms Hand book” (For those of you who have fixed a gun that did not need it ???? )
“The Crosman Arms Model “160” Pellgun”
“The Crosman Rifle 1923-1950”
Basically if you need to now anything about Crosman or Benjamin air guns then these cover most aspects.

If you have or know of a book that should be listed please mail me Vintageairguns@btinternet.co.uk

Ken Walker sent this list in for those of you who need to update your reference library
"Webley Air Pistols (Their History and Development)" by Gordon Bruce
Fairly recent, but it seems comprehensive and quite a bit of detail.
"Know Your Sheridan Rifles & Pistols" by Ronald E. Elbe
Limited to Sheridan stuff, obviously.
Not really a book, but rather a bound volume of previously published
"Pneumatic Reflections (The First 20 Years)" by Larry Hannusch
Larry is a noted American collector. These are re-prints of everything he
has had published, from early Beeman catalogues, Airgun News & Report, Man
at Arms, American Airgunner, Airgun Digest, U.S. Airgun, and the Airgun
Revue. He's quite an accomplished author, and his world-class collection
provides exceptional opportunities for case studies.
"Airgun Revue" by Tom Gaylord.
There are 6 different revues, which all contain previously unpublished
articles covering a broad range of airgun information.
"Air Gun Batteries" by Eldon G. Wolff
This 1963 pamphlet describes various airgun valve release mechanisms and
diagrammatically shows how they work, with examples from various makers.


Re: Някой книги относно въздушното оръжие

братушка написа:
Книги по спортна стрелба: подготовка на стрелеца за различни видове стрелба.

От всички книги, посочени в поста на Братушка съм чел само:
Билл Пуллем - "Психология чемпиона (http://www.shooting-ua.com/books/book_20.htm)
Без да подценявам, която и да е друга от книгите, мога горещо да препоръчам тази книга на всеки, независимо дали има намерение да се занимава със стрелба. Причината е в психологическия подход и обяснение на обстоятелства, които в книгата са тематично свързани с подготовката на стрелеца, но не знам защо се сещам за някои от примерите в житейски ситуиации, които нямат нищо общо със стрелбата. Тази книга ми напомня за писаната преди 23 века книга от китайския генерал Сун Дзъ "Изкуството да побеждаваш", за която се твърди и аз бих потвърдил, че простите, но изстрадани препоръки на генерала могат да послужат за урок на хората дори в личните им отношения.
Но, да не се отплесвам - книгата на Билл Пуллем е преди всичко е много добър учебник по стрелба, за всеки, който се стреми към майсторство и постижения.


Много добре ама да го бе превел та да разберат повече хора. Не всички знаят езици.


Редовен Потребител
ще ми се да попитам,възможно ли е да се направи речник на всички термини които се използват относно пневматичното оръжие ,или вече има такав някаде..? ???..Това би спестило доста вапроси на новаците, и не до там просветените като мен. :yes:благодаря предварително :yes: